Thu. Oct 18th, 2018

Danish Taimoor – The Entertainer of Lollywood!

His modern-day timeout is an action-thriller that also features veteran actors Nadeem, Shahid and the director himself alongside newcomer Saeeda Imtiaz and Indian import Aditi Singh. Although the trailer garnered a blended response, Danish looks hopeful and published that the suspense has purposely been kept.

Whilst Wajood comes out on Eid-ul-Fitr, clashing with three extra characteristic videos – Saat Din Mohabbat In, Azaadi and Na Band Na Baraati, Danish feels the excursion has been fortunate for him considering the fact that a couple of years now.

“Releasing on Eid is an announcement of a large film. But I think it’s exceptional that these many films are coming out on Eid,” he remarked, hinting at the greater appropriate of local cinema.

Amidst promotional frenzy and a grueling shooting agenda for his subsequent television assignments, Images caught up with the actor weeks before the release of his film. The actor discusses expectations, the future of movies and what his family makes of his cinematic endeavors. Read on:

Images: You had been one of the first TV actors who decided to flip to cinema completely. What made you return to the small display screen this year?
Danish: Unfortunately, we have been unable to produce an exact number of films per year. For instance, this year, I think we don’t have greater than 15 movies at most. Most of which had been curiously shot in 2017 and then there are solely very few that have been announced for the subsequent year. Keeping that in mind, TV is the solely way left for me to entertain my fans. Also, some outstanding scripts got here my way that I couldn’t turn down.