Thu. Oct 18th, 2018

Kareena Kapoor is not changing her stance on ‘not a feminist’ statement

We’ve heard so many celebrities shy away from feminism that it did not shock us to hear Kareena say that though she believes in gender equality she would not discover as feminist. Predictably, Kareena obtained trolled for the self-contradictory statement, but she’s still sticking to it!

According to Filmfare, Kareena insists she didn’t say whatever wrong. She said, “What was once incorrect in the feminism statement? I’d nonetheless say that I believe in equality and there’s nothing incorrect in it. Most human beings suppose that feminism capacity male bashing and it makes women superior. That’s what they’ve always meant, in any other case why would they be warfare on Twitter each time.”

But she’s tweaked her statement from last time a bit: “However, I would additionally like to add, that in a way, I am a bit of a feminist but I am a feminist in the proper way. I’m no longer attempting to say that men are lesser, because they are not. I believe it takes two to tango in any variety of a relationship. But then, essential kuch bhi assertion bolun, trolls toh shuru ho jate hain (whatever I say, trolling will start), in particularwhen it comes to feminism.”