Thu. Oct 18th, 2018

Hamza Ali Abbasi asked Rehma Khan to Stop being Cruel!

A lot went on over the weekend: Reham and Hamza every denote what they alleged were genuinely criminative email exchanges of the other’s. (FYI, Reham has been defendant of furthering PML-N info against ex-hubby Imran Khan and Hamza has been defendant of threats and intimidation against Reham).

Throughout the fight, Reham has been her savage self, telling Hamza to ‘bring it on’, action, proof against her so on. and she or he conjointly cracked a joke at his expense, oral communication she did not solid him because the hero in Janaan which he is not NA49 material, Na49 being a body for the National Assembly of Asian country comprising of the South Waziristan Agency. It was enough for Hamza to leak contents of the ‘manuscript’ he has of Reham’s book.

And while he is adamant about showing to the world what Reham’s book says…