Thu. Oct 18th, 2018

Sonya Hussyn plying British-Pakistani journalist in upcoming film Azaadi!

After debuting in Jami Mahmood’s Moor, Sonya Hussyn is set to star in her second film Azaadi that places the battle for Kashmir on the large screen. It tells the story of a man who sacrifices it all for the freedom of Kashmir and how his vision is carried forward with the aid of young humans he inspires. Sonya stars as journalist Zara.

  1. Tell us about your personality in Azaadi?

    Sonya: My personality Zara is a strong-willed British-Pakistani journalist. I assume I right away linked to her when I first study the script without a doubt because of the way she’s been written. I feel in a time where we’re all type of leaping onto this bandwagon of disturbing higher lady illustration and characterisation, there’s a lot of talking, but no longer a lot that is definitely being done. Women are nonetheless being portrayed as eye-candy in films, they are still being objectified with no substance and that’s why I haven’t signed onto any other movie after Azaadi.

    2: Was it tough to play Zara’s character?

    It used to be tough to shoot the film, you’ll comprehend when you watch the movie that it takes a lot to make a film like Azaadi come to life. The character, like I said, was once of a lady I immediately linked with. I assume I understood where she was coming from, what was once in her coronary heart and how I could help translate that in the front of the camera. It’s difficult in a way that I didn’t favor to mess it up because of its pertinence, however it really wasn’t an alien house for me to get into.