Thu. Oct 18th, 2018

“Suno Chanda” is our new favorite show!

Arsal And Jiya’s Chemistry Is Winning Everyone’s Heart, Farhan Saeed and Iqra Aziz starrer Suno Chanda is the perfect blend of love, humor and countless drama making it the great in household entertainment; the fact that it airs daily has made us all addicted to it, for sure!

Jiya and Arsal have grown up together like nice buddies but pressured by their family, the decision of getting them married made them intolerable for every other. Still, they continue to be the nice partners in crime who have confronted countless of embarrassing situations just for the sake of getting their marriage annulled!

Arsal And Jiya’s Chemistry Is Winning Everyone’s HeartSince we are into the nineteenth episode, the relationship of Arsal and Jiya has also developed with time and now, when they have almost succeeded in their grasp plan, we are sensing a twist in the story!
After the epic combat and drama that divided the whole family, everyone, except for Bi Jaan, Agha Ji and Sherry, is in opposition to Arsal and Jiya’s marriage and Shahana now needs Arsal to marry Kinza on the decided date. For Kinza and Masooma, it’s like a dream come actual however Arsal has eventually realized his feelings for Jiya. Our hero is now not even afraid to talk his coronary heart out, however Jiya is nonetheless burdened about her genuine emotions towards him. Fans have eventually received the twist they have been impatiently waiting for and they are honestly loving it!
”Tumhein chorne ka sochta hoon tu saansei rukne lagti hain meri Jiya. Nahi chor sakta mei’