Thu. Oct 18th, 2018

Top 5 Pakistani TV On-screen Jodi’s we would like to see again

Top 5 Pakistani TV On-screen Jodi’s

Pakistan TV dramas are famous around the world and no need to say that Pakistani Industry is blessed with some unforgettable Pakistani tv jodi’s. Over the period of many years, we have fallen for many Pakistani tv jodi’s we wish they should marry. These on-screen couple’s amusing chemistry and spark made them most demanding in the showbiz world. Fans wanted to know about their off-screen relationship and whereabouts. And of course we had some rumors about their closeness too but we will discuss it any other time.

Top 5 Pakistani TV On-screen Jodi’s

Here’s I am going to presenting you the TOP 10 On-screen Jodi’s of Pakistan TV in recent years who I at least wish to see together again.

Iqra Aziz and Farhan Saeed

Top 5 Pakistani TV On-screen Jodi's

‘Suno Chanda’ is the most popular serial right now on our screens. And what made it that popular is Iqra & Farhan’ sassy chemistry. After seeing them as Jiya and Arsal, I love to call them new love birds on our screen. Iqra and Farhan’s on-screen hypnotic connection made the shows successful and popular.

Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan


I have no second thought when I consider Ashar & Khirad of Humsafar, is probably one of the most iconic on-screen Jodi’s of all time on small screen. There bonding in the show not only entertains us but with their romance, they rule the heart of audiences even after the show is ended.

Sana Javed and Feroz Ali Khan


This reel life Jodi spread so much magic on TV, Feroz Khan and Sana Javed is amongst those few on-screen couples who the audiences’ have been craving to see back on television already. Their fights and amazing chemistry has sought the attention of many fans and people just go gaga over chemistry.

Top 5 Pakistani TV On-screen Jodi’s

Sajal Ali and Ahad Raza Mir


We heard so many speculations about their off-screen romance but I always remember them for their unbelievable and excellent chemistry in the love saga ‘Yaqeen ka safar’, Ahad and Sajal have taken their on-screen romance to new heights. Both the actors are amongst one of the hottest Jodi’s of the small screen.

Maya Ali and Osman Khalid Butt


If we talk about the couples in the television industry who we really want to see together again, again, again and again then Maya Ali and Osman Butt do stand out as one of the most lovable pairs. Their chemistry in Aun Zara, Aik Nai Cinderella, and Diyare Dil is a unique and was adored by one and all.