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BIRTH NAME: Amna Illyas

DATE OF BIRTH: October 11, 1990


HEIGHT: 5’8″

HOMETOWN: Karachi, Pakistan

PROFESSION: Model & Actress


AMNA ILLYAS BIOGRAPHY: Amna Ilyas is a famous model and a new addition in Pakistani film/drama industry. She started modeling at the age of 16 when she was a student. Akif Ilyas, who is a good family friend, asked her to click a few photos of her. They turned out nice, and that was my entry into modeling. She has been named in the list of those models that have gained back maximum success and fame in just minimum time scale. This Pakistani model, Amna Ilyas has so far walked on many fashion shows and ramps on the national and international level as well.

She is known for her slim body figure along with her very hot beauty looks. At the beginning of her career she kept herself as simple and elegant looking but suddenly she transforms her personality into the sexy looking diva that grabs the attention of many people. She said, “Given the skin colour that I have, which people in Pakistan don’t normally like, it was difficult in a sense – but at the same time, not really. When it comes to the fashion industry, everyone has been really supportive. My first major shoot (and my second ever) was the cover of She magazine”.


I still fight [to retain my dark complexion]. Whenever I go to one of these morning shows, the makeup artists come up to me and say: “Ma’am thora sa white kara dain…bus thora sa…” So I say to them, “Yaar, tum light laga lo agar tumhe main dark lag rahin hoon.”And I am dark! So, deal with it.

I feel, and from what people I worked with have told me, that I’ve set a new standard when it comes to posing and using one’s body language. When I started modeling, since we didn’t have any modeling schools, I used to watch America’s Next Top Model. I watched all the seasons, and that’s how I trained myself. From the international models, I really like Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell but my all-time favourite is Adriana Lima.

AMNA ILLYAS BIOGRAPHY: We would like to mention the few brand names who worked with this model such as HSY, Karma, Khaadi Khass, ChenOne and so on. In the year 2011 and 2012, she was nominated for Model of the Year (Female) at 11th Lux Style Awards and 12th Lux Style Awards.

Her first film, Good Morning Karachi, Fahd Hussain of Citrus Talent Agency approached her and told her they were looking for a 20-year-old saanwli si larki, and he thought she fit the character. Film-maker Sabiha Sammar trained her for three months and during this period, she was just focused on the film and had put modeling on the side. She taught her concentration exercises, improvisation, and language skills (since the entire film is in English) to develop the character.

For her second film, Zinda Bhaag, it was the assistant director who had recommended Amna Illyas. She auditioned for the part and got the role.


Amina’s father passed away when she was just a child. She started working because she wanted to support herself and finance her studies. Her elder sisters, Uzma and Salma Ilyas, were also models. She’s an accounts student. She did I-com and gave B-com’s papers. Her teachers used to get offended by her, just because she was a model. I’m a model outside of school; in school, I am simply a student. So treat me like one. There was this one teacher who would always taunt me.”


When I’m home or with friends, I’m a jeans and a T-shirt person. Main kahin bhi khari ho ke cigarette jala le ti hoon, mujhay koi tension nahin hoti hai. I’m totally chilled out.


Zinda Bhaag, Janam Jali & Good Morning Karachi


  • In year 2011 and 2012, she was nominated for Model of the Year(Female) at 11th Lux Style Awards and 12th Lux Style Awards.
  • She won the award for Best Dressed Female on the Red Carpet at the 11th Lux Style Awards.
  • Amna Ilyas won the L’Oréal Paris Total Repair-5 Best Actress Jury Award at ARY Film Awards 2014 for Zinda Bhag


“Getting success at the age of 22, having two films out, being one of the top three models in the country…luck is one thing, but one needs to work hard as well. And I think I’m very passionate about whatever I do.”

“Whenever you google my name, you get ‘amna ilyas hot’ in the search bar. What is so hot about me?? But, I’ve grown used to these things now”.

“I’d like to be able sing as well at some point. I feel an actor should know how to sing.”