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BIRTH NAME: Humaima Malik

DATE OF BIRTH: November 18, 1987

STAR SIGN: Scorpio

HEIGHT: 5’5″

HOMETOWN: Karachi, Pakistan

PROFESSION: Acting, modeling


HUMAIMA MALIK BIOGRAPHY: Humaima Malik is a Pakistani actress and model who appears in Pakistani and Bollywood films and serials. In her glamorous avatar, Humaima Malik has earned many accolades to her name with her performance. Garnering rave reviews for her role in ‘Bol’, she attracted international acclaim in the form of numerous awards achieved both nationally and internationally. The ravishing beauty has finally spread her wings and is now working on international projects. An eager 14-year-old, she came across an advertisement on placed by designer Nadya Mistry, who was looking for models for her ‘Lolita’ show, a regular feature at her Park Towers outlet. Since she was 12, Humaima – who belongs to a family of doctors, engineers, and business executives – had her eyes set on beauty pageants such as Miss World and Miss Universe. She would stand in front of the TV screen copying the way the statuesque models stood on the ramp, hands placed on their hips, shoulders pushed back and postures erect. She was the quintessential adolescent, swept away by the sparkle and glitter of what she saw on screen. And soon enough the teenage love affair with glamour became her life’s calling.


“When I saw the Nadya Mistry ad, I begged my elder sister to take me to Park Towers just to see what it would be like,” she recalls, laughing about the excitement she experienced when going for her first-ever audition. “The minute I concluded my walk – learned from the fashion shows I had watched on TV – Zurain Imam screamed out, ‘Brilliant.’ And Nadya immediately said, ‘I want you.’” Her parents, conservative business people, laughed at her enthusiasm and consented to let her do the show as a one-off. Soon after, she was asked by Saqib Malik to audition for the Fair & Lovely commercial: “I never do auditions,” she remarks in a haughty tone.

Signed on to do the commercial, the teenaged Humaima and her mother flew to Lahore and filmed at Bagh-e-Jinnah. “The first cheque I received for my work was for Rs 80,000 for the Fair & Lovely commercial,” she says. Her first fashion show followed soon after, an Interflow production styled by Tariq Amin. Humaima Malick pursued a path that was a stark contrast to those of her family members. Since then she has appeared in fashion shows for numerous designers. Malick made her acting debut in the serial Ishq Junoon Deewangi. She then appeared in Barish Kay Ansoo, Tanveer Fatima (B.A), Tair-e-Lahoti, Aja Mai Tennu Pyar Kara, Talluq and Akbari Asghari. Malick made her film debut in Shoaib Mansoor’s Bol.

Initially, Mansoor had wanted to cast Humaima in the role of the courtesan, Meena, who enters Bol in the second half of the movie. Meena is sexy, seductive and has a dance number – three good reasons why Mansoor wanted to sign her for the role. She had even flown to Lahore, where her wardrobe for Meena was almost ready, and she had rehearsed the script for the part when one day Shoaib Mansoor walked onto the set and said: “Humaima, I am going to put more responsibility on your shoulders,” and that’s how she went on to do the most talked about role in Bol: that of Zainab, the gutsy daughter of the hakim’s family. In 2012 she appeared in Shehzad Rafique’s Ishq Khuda.

Malick is currently working in her Bollywood film Sher directed by Soham Shah. She has also signed three films contract with Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s in which one is Chitthiyan. The actress says, “I have a three-film contract with Vidhu Vinod Chopra. The first film is yet to begin but I have already been signed up. I guess he is caught up with P.K. now.” Shaan Shahid’s Pakistani film Mission Allahu Akbar & Arth which will start after Muharram.


Malick was born in Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan. She started her education in Quetta and graduated from Government Girls College Quetta. She then moved to Karachi along with her family following her father’s retirement. She has five siblings, two brothers, and three sisters. “One of my brothers is a doctor. The other one is studying at a university in the UK and one sister is in Manchester,” she reveals. Though initially, her family was hesitant to accept her choice of career, soon fame and fan-following convinced them to accept it. “When my mom saw Bol, she couldn’t stop crying and said she was so proud of me,” she says.

Humaima married Pakistani actor Shamoon Abbasi in 2009 but unfortunately, they both could not carry up with their relationship and got divorced in 2010. The one grim spot in Humaima’s sparkling life was her marriage to actor Shamoon Abbasi. “I was in love and made a big mistake,” she says, a cautious glimmer in her eyes, as if afraid of revealing too much. “He was a psycho and I guess not listening to my parents served me right.”

After that Humaima was also linked up with Cricketer Wasim Akram and the news of their affair were the hot topic. But they both denied the news and the rumor soon dead.

BEST KNOWN FOR: BOL, Raja Natwarlal, Akbari Asghari, Ishaq Khuda & Tanvir Fatima BA


  • Humaima was named one of Beauty magazine’s 8th Most Fanciable Women in South Asia.
  • In 2012, Malik won the 2012 Lux Style Award for Best Actress (film) for Bol
  • In 2012, Humaima nominated for Best Performance by an Actress award for ‘Bol’ Asia Pacific Screen Awards 2012


“Fair & Lovely was my first and last audition.”

“Every experience comes with its own perks, I enjoyed each and every phase and experience”

“There was a time when I used to juggle between London, Dubai and Pakistan. Now, India has become second home,”